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The Shareholder Development Department is hosting a virtual paint class with artist and descendant, Sara Squartsoff-McKinley, on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 3 p.m.


The class is available to shareholders and descendants who can sign up by contacting the team members listed here. There are 20 slots available and the class is only available to those who have not taken the online paint class in order to give others the opportunity to attend.

All attendees will receive a paint kit in the mail and the class will be taught online. The picture that will be created is the Puffin (pictured).

To Sign Up, Please Contact: 


Shelly Johnson:

Vickie Novak:

Jamie Brink:


Or call 907-680-2208 or 907-561-2452.


For more about Sara, visit:


The most important concern of the Ouzinkie Native Corporation Board of Directors is for the health, safety and well-being of its shareholders, employees and their families. The continuing health risks of the Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), especially to elders and at-risk populations, are yet to be determined and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is estimating a resurgence of the virus this fall.  


To protect the residents of the village of Ouzinkie and any visitors, the ONC board has decided to hold the 47th Annual Meeting of Shareholders virtually and telephonically on October 2, 2020. An in-person meeting in Ouzinkie, Alaska will not be held. Shareholder Informational Meetings in Anchorage and Seattle will also not be held in-person in 2020.


The election and annual meeting will proceed as scheduled, and ONC will distribute information to all shareholders on how they can attend the meeting from the safety of their homes by virtual and telephonic methods in the coming months. If you have any questions, please call 907-561-2452 or email


Thank you and stay safe!


ONC Board Maintains 2020 Quarterly Dividends at $30 Per Share; Elders' at $500 Monthly; and Approves a $5 Christmas Dividend

On December 12, 2019, the ONC Board of Directors voted to maintain the quarterly shareholder dividends at $30 per share for fiscal year 2020 and distribute a Christmas Dividend of $5 per share. Elders’ dividends (original Elders who are 65 years of age or older) will also remain at the current amount of $500 per month.

All Shareholders (18 and older) Need a Stock Will on File
to be Eligible for the $3,000 Burial Assistance

ONC provides a $3,000 Burial Assistance Program to all shareholders who are ineligible for the Death Benefit Settlement Trust or shareholders whose

benefits from the Death Benefit Settlement Trust are $3,000 or less.  According to ONC Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 3.1, effective January 1, 2018, shareholders (18 and older only) must have a stock will form on file to be eligible for this benefit. Custodians of minor shareholders must also have a stock will on file. If you do not have a stock will on file yet, please contact any ONC office or Joan Chichenoff , Shareholder Records Coordinator, at 907.680.2208


Shareholders and descendants looking to achieve their vocational or career enhancement goals are encouraged to apply for a Ouzinkie Native Corporation (ONC) scholarship. Vocational and Career Enhancement scholarship applications are due 7 days BEFORE classes begin.


ONC offers $5,000 for vocational training (trade school, skilled trades) and up to $2,500 for career enhancement to cover tuition, fees, on-campus housing, books and materials. Funds are paid by ONC directly to the institution. 

CAREER ENHANCEMENT:  Up to $2,500 per calendar year will be granted to shareholders and descendants who are enrolled in accredited short-term certificate or licensing classes. (Examples: CDL, HAZWOPER, 6-Pack, outboard maintenance).


ELIGIBILITY: Open to shareholders and descendants of ONC. Students must be enrolled in an accredited vocational school or career enhancement program. Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 G.P.A., or remain in good standing if the academic or training institution does not grade courses.


To complete an application visit or contact Vickie Novak, Shareholder Development Manager, at 907.680.2208.


ONC Records Information - W-4V Form/Stock Will Form

The Shareholder Records Department recently mailed a “Records Needed” letter to all shareholders who were missing recommended forms and contact information. The following is a breakdown of the information ONC needs to ensure each shareholder has accurate records on file:


Shareholder Record Information Request Form

Birth certificates and Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) necessary for proper identification. 

Form W-9

Is the form that identifies the taxpayer (such as their social security number) who received the dividend. Under question 3 on the W-9 form, you would mark individual/sole proprietor or single-member, LLC.


Stock Will Forms

Each shareholder should have a stock will form on file to determine who will inherit their shares. ONC doesn’t allow shareholders to create new fractional shares by will or gift. Please do not split any fractional shares already owned. Definition of fractional share: Less than one share of stock;  eg. ¼;  1/3;  ½ of a stock.


If you have any questions on how to fill out the information needed on your forms, please call the main office at 1.800.680.2208 or 907.680.2208.

Youth Scholarship Program Application

ONC Board Approves New Youth Scholarship Program  

On May 26, 2017, the ONC Board of Directors approved a new Youth Scholarship Program that awards up to $250 to ONC shareholders and descendants who are 18 years of age or younger. The program provides funding for athletic, scholastic, cultural, leadership trainings, camps or events that will help each student reach his or her goals.

To be eligible, each student must be enrolled in kindergarten through high school. Students may apply for the scholarship as many times as desired as long as he or she does not receive more than $250 total per award year.
1. The Youth Scholarship Program awards scholarships to:

A. Ouzinkie Native Corporation Shareholders, defined as: Ouzinkie Native Corporation Shareholders who are Alaska Native and Ouzinkie Native Corporation Shareholders who are descendants of an Alaska Native.

B. Registered Descendant of a Ouzinkie Native Corporation Shareholder, defined as: any lineal descendant of a Shareholder who has registered with Ouzinkie Native Corporation. (Visit: or contact Shareholder Records if you need to register as a Descendant).

2. Applicants must be attending an elementary, middle or high school at the time of their application.
3. Applicants must be accepted to, enrolled in, or registered to participate in an athletic, scholastic, cultural, or leadership training, camp, or event that will help the student reach his or her goals.
To apply, fill out the Youth Scholarship Form available online at or pick up a form at either office below. A copy of the registration and related expenses (costs) must be attached. Please email, fax, or send your application and documents to:
Ouzinkie Native Corporation 
Attn: Vickie Novak, Shareholder Dev. Manager  

Main office: PO Box 89 Ouzinkie, AK 99644 
Phone: 1.800.680.2208 or 907.680.2208 

Anchorage office: 11001 O’Malley Center Drive, Ste 105
Anchorage, AK 99515
Phone: 907.561.2452 / Fax: 907.561.2453


2020 1099 Tax Information

1099 Tax Information

Shareholders – Your total dividend distributions for 2020 from the trust are considered a non-taxable distribution to you. You will only receive a Form 1099-DIV if you elected to have additional Federal withholding on your distribution. If you had no withholding, your dividends were not reported to the IRS because they were non-taxable.
If you or your tax advisor have any questions, please contact BDO:
Zac Rankin, CPA
Tax Managing Director


ONC Board Lowers Shares Required to Serve to 50

On August 23, 2018, the ONC Board voted to lower the number of shares required to serve on the ONC Board from 75 to 50. This change will be reflected in the ONC bylaws, and each Director must be a shareholder of record owning at least 50 shares, a Native or Descendant of a Native (as defined by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act), a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the state of Alaska to serve on the ONC Board.


Updated May 26, 2020 -

Notice to Shareholders Regarding the City of Anchorage’s Extended Business Closure Mandate and Governor Dunleavy’s statewide shelter in place, travel ban

Due to Mayor Berkowitz’s revision of emergency order E0-03, and Governor Dunleavy’s statewide Phase 3 Mandate, the ONC Anchorage office is open to the public through the main suite 105 doors. All visitors are required to wear a mask while in the building and be pre-screened before entry. Please call our main phones lines at 907-561-2452 if you have any questions. We are open the regular hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to assist shareholders during phase 3.


The Ouzinkie office will remain closed to the public through June 15, due to the City of Ouzinkie hunker down order issued by the mayor.

Shareholders can also contact the office by email at and get assistance with scholarships by calling or emailing The Ouzinkie Native Corporation website at also contains all forms that can be downloaded and submitted over email or fax. 

ONC is adhering to the mayor’s and governor’s orders to do its part to protect its shareholders and employees. Our first thought is for the safety and well-being of all individuals, and operations will continue to remain open via phone, email, fax and web.

Visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC's) website at for updated information about the COVID-19 outbreak and view their recommended behavioral health and stress coping fact sheets below. 


Please call 907-561-2452 or email if you have any questions. 


Summer Youth Jobs Program

ONC also offers a Summer Youth Jobs Program available to shareholders and descendants. The youth jobs program is geared towards high school students who are eager to gain valuable work experience during the summer months.


Three summer youth jobs are available – one in the Village of Ouzinkie and two in the Anchorage office. The summer youth hire positions work 6 to 8 weeks during the summer months and provide general office support to the ONC offices with an emphasis on customer service and basic business operations. One of the Anchorage positions is an accounting position.



  • Be between 14-18 years of age

  • Must be an ONC shareholder or descendant

  • Have reliable transportation to work

  • Be willing to commit to reporting to work, barring emergency

  • No experience required


Please contact Vickie Novak, ONC Shareholder Development Manager, if you are interested in an internship or summer youth job opportunity.


Ouzinkie Office:

P. O. Box 89 | Ouzinkie, AK 99644

PH: 1.800.680.2208 | 907.680.2208 | F: 907.680.2268

Anchorage Office:

11001 O'Malley Centre Drive, STE 105 | Anchorage, AK  99515

PH: 1.866.561.2452 | 907.561.2452 | F: 907.561.2453