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Our People: Subsistence

Subsistence is a way of life for the people of Ouzinkie – they depend upon the land and ocean to provide food for their families and the community as a whole. Like many small villages in remote parts of Alaska, Ouzinkie is inaccessible by road, and groceries and residents must arrive by boat or bush plane. The majority of the Ouzinkie villagers are of Alutiiq descent and engage in a traditional subsistence lifestyle, hunting for deer, fishing for salmon, and collecting berries and other seasonal foods from the island’s rich offerings.

Use of ONC Lands


The general public who wishes to access ONC lands is required to obtain a land use permit in advance. ONC Land on Spruce Island is restricted for all purposes, except for visits to Monks Lagoon for religious purposes. Visitors should notify ONC at least 24 hours in advance of a visit to Monks Lagoon.


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