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Cama’i ONC Shareholders,

My name is Robert Boskofsky Sr., and I am the son of Andy Boskofsky Sr. and Paula Boskofsky, grandson of
William “Waska” Boskofsky and Flora (Katelnikoff ) Boskofsky.


I’m married to my wife Larissa, we celebrate our 7th Anniversary this August. I have 3 kids, Desiree- 18, Robbie Jr.- 14, and Riley- 8. We live in Ouzinkie, AK. My wife and I participate in commercial halibut fi shing from our local CQE program each year and appreciate the opportunity that the CQE program gives us and other residents.

I am a third-generation carpenter and have worked for Native Village of Ouzinkie’s HUD program, mostly in a leadership position as Foreman for the past 13 years. I’m currently president of the Native Village of Ouzinkie Tribal Council. Fun fact: If you have applied
for a Tribal enrollment card in the last decade you probably have my signature on it.


As our tribe enrollment grows, so does the amount of ONC shareholders. I believe in the ONC leadership, and have the utmost respect for our Directors, past and present. 

With 10+ years of Tribal governance, I know what it’s like to represent our people. It's an honor to serve as a director at the ONC level.

Robbie Boskofsky.jpg

Robbie Boskofsky


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