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Upon formation in 1973, ONC had 339 original shareholders, all of Alutiiq descent, living in the village of Ouzinkie on Spruce Island, or who were originally from the village. Each shareholder received one hundred shares at incorporation that cannot be sold or traded. Today, there are approximately 527 shareholders by way of shares either inherited by new shareholders or were gifted to family members.


ONC’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine shareholder members, all of whom are Alutiiq descent who derive from the village of Ouzinkie. ONC’s mission is to support its shareholders both financially and culturally through the pursuit of its businesses. Profits earned from ONC businesses are used to fund dividends to shareholders, to fund internships, to fund scholarships for shareholders and their descendants, and to contribute to other economic and social initiatives designed to improve the lives of ONC shareholders and protect their culture and lands. 

Charitable Donations

ONC makes decisions on charitable giving based on the needs of its shareholders and their communities. Emphasis is given to education programs and non-profit organizations that enhance and protect the culture of the Alutiiq people.


Recent sponsorships include:

  • Native Village of Ouzinkie/Ouzinkie Tribal Council  

  • Ouzinkie School

  • Nativity of Our Lord Church 

  • Spruce Island Farm

  • Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository  


All donation requests must be in writing and submitted by January 15, of each year to be considered.


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