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Darren Muller continues to establish his capacity for leadership by assisting Ouzinkie Native Corporation's Board of Directors with key decisions on critical business ventures. As a Director, Darren considers himself proactive, deeply dedicated, and above all, confident about the future of ONC. He continues to help lead the corporation toward's better business development for the benefit of its shareholders. 


Darren was appointed to the ONC board in 2006, and along with his fellow directors, attends annual finance training, corporate governance training, board ethics training,and strategic and business planning. Darren continually strives to absorb corporate best practices and appreciates the opportunity for professional growth. 


A strong supporter of the government 8a program, Darren is proud to be part of the startup of one of their most successful subsidiaries; Katmai Government Services (KGS). As Darren remains passionate about KGS and the business they have brought in, he continues to promote the efforts of the Shareholder Internship program, where he is also now calling for more shareholder hire positions within ONC.


Drawing on the success of key decision making with certain business ventures, Darren is proud to be part of only a few village corporations that has continuously distributed dividends to it's shareholders. He believes careful due-diligence and key strategical planning are an integral part of what make a business prosper. With continued successful business developments, Darren hopes to increase the profitability, thus increasing dividends and other benefits offered to all ONC shareholders, all while preserving our culture and protecting our lands.


Darren credits his commitment to stopping and listening to shareholders with giving him the courage to stand up for the values of the people. He is proud to be a part of this corporation, giving him the confidence to continue making the right choices for the benefit of this company and its shareholders. He will always sit and talk to any shareholder that reaches out to him. 

Darren Muller, Sr.


Fellow Shareholders,


I am deeply humbled by the vote of confidence and support you have given me to continue to lead and make sound choices for our corporation.


I look forward to working alongside my fellow directors with the goal of continued growth of Ouzinkie Native Corporation. Together we will look to provide more benefits for all our shareholders and descendants, all while focusing to preserve our culture. I will always work to make the best choices on behalf of you the shareholders and ONC.


As always, I encourage any feedback or questions you may have. You can reach me at 907.205.0158.



       - Darren


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